Welcome to the Lough Foyle Wildfowlers Association (L.W.F.A.) website.

LFWA was founded in the early 80's as a direct response to threats from anti-shooting bodies

The Lough is situated in the North West of The Province and straddles the Donegal/Derry Border.

Over 18 miles of foreshore from Magilligan Point Northwards to the River Faughan Southwards is under the control of the club.

A strategically vital area at the River Roe Estuary is now owned by the The Club. This was made possible by a loan from the Wildlife Habitat Trust.

"Lough Foyle Wildfowlers Association is The Guardian of Shooters Rights On the entire Eastern shore of Lough Foyle"

Our Functions are to :-

  • Maintain and enhance sustainable shooting in the Foyle Catchment Area.
  • Encourage the highest standards of sportsmanship and behaviour (Via The B.A.S.C. CODE).
  • Protect the unique habitat that has co-existed with local shooters for generations.
  • Provide refuges for the migrant fowl and waders that boost the native populations each winter.
  • Foster good relations with all other bodies having an environmental interest in Lough Foyle.
  • Meet head-on any threat to undermine or curtail traditional pursuits.

The Club is affiliated to B.A.S.C. and it is mandatory that all members support the "Duck Stamp" scheme.

Since it's formation L.W.F.A. has experienced many pitfalls and disappointments. However, through vigilance and determination we have become a major force in the future of Lough Foyle.

If we are to ensure that future generations will enjoy the traditional sport of Wildfowling, then we must protect and enhance the habitat and provide refuges for the migrant ducks and geese which visit our shores annually.

In recent years L.F.W.A has become a major player on the Foyle and therefore is in a strong position to protect shooters interests.

But being a major player carries certain responsibilities, these we gladly accept with due emphasis being put on habitat protection.

The association fully realises that in order to maintain this strong position it cannot afford to rest on its laurels, but must endeavour to attract additional members and as much funding as possible.

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Lough Foyle Wildfowlers Association